Want to really save the world?

Humanity Faces:

  • Individual problems: Stress, depression, financial woes, healthcare confusion, job instability, relationship turmoil, etc.
  • Modern problems: Terrorism, Chronic Underemployment, Growing Wealth Gap, Climate Change
  • Old problems: Poverty, corruption, pollution, economic turmoil, chaos

The bottom line is that outer problems are a reflection of inner turmoil. These issues are evidence that we are not awake to the perfection within, the essence of our being. In other words, our awareness is confused and our consciousness is depressed.

The REAL solution is to address the root of all problems. Michael Mamas has developed projects to  raise the consciousness of the individual and humanity at large. As awareness of the interconnection of people and things increases, so will compassion and integrity in decision-making. This will change the world.

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