Help Humanity Evolve?

What does it mean?

Michael Mamas’ vision is to bring peace to the world by helping people evolve spiritually. This does not involve indoctrination into a particular philosophy or way of thinking. It is a more organic, physiological, fundamental process. It is about helping people align with the health, vitality, and wisdom at the depth of who they are, awakening their awareness to the full spectrum of life. This feeds people on the deepest level, allowing them to function in a healthy manner, no matter what the challenges or life circumstances may be.

It is like a plant. Without water, many seemingly insurmountable problems arise. The plant wilts. Insects devour it. It does not bear fruit. Watering the root regularly can solve all these problems. Similarly, watering the root of life, consciousness, can solve all of humanity’s problems. The depth and profundity of this cannot be overstated.

Michael Mamas Vision

Michael Mamas’ Search for Truth

Michael Mamas has been a deep thinker since childhood. At age 4, as he pensively walked around the house with his hands clasped behind him, his brother commented, “He carries the weight of the world on those shoulders.” At age 7, he wrote his first book, Words of Wisdom. The son of an electrical engineer, Michael Mamas was as rational and scientifically-oriented as he was reflective. He wanted to find Truth that would hold up to the toughest scrutiny, no matter what area of expertise. Truth that would answer life’s deepest questions. Truth that would hold up to the test of time. He sought answers to life and existence that took him from philosophy to a double-major in honors math and physics to becoming a veterinarian and eventually studying with great spiritual Masters throughout the world.

Search for Truth - Michael MamasDr. Mamas found Truth that turned his understanding of the world inside out. Truth that brings answers to the most unresolvable paradoxes. Truth that brings out the interconnection of everything, making it apparent how principles of physics can apply to personal development and principles of biology can apply to spirituality. Truth that transforms each field and provides a simple solution to problems that have haunted humanity for lifetimes.

The answer is in providing technologies that bring people and their environment into alignment with the nature of existence and closer to Truth. By alignment with nature, we mean resonating with the underlying impulses at the base level of existence that provide the life energy of existence. Modern physicists are now starting to call those impulses, “consciousness.” Another word for those impulses is the Sanskrit word, “Veda.” “Vedic” means in harmony with the nature of existence. “Evolution” is increasing one’s resonance with the nature of existence.


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