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Michael Mamas World Men Project (MMWMP)The Michael Mamas World Men Project (MMWMP) prepares boys to become world leaders. MMWMP began on Saraswathi’s birthday (Shreepanchami), January 27, 2012. Boys are accepted at a young age and are educated in Vedic recitation, Vedic Knowledge, and Western thought. They will learn to interface easily with all cultures while honoring and supporting the integrity of each.

MMWMP is a very important project, one that is crucial to preserving the Knowledge of the Vedas and honoring cultural coherence. The world needs people who can bridge the gap between nations while maintaining their own cultural integrity. In addition, by helping to spread Vedic Knowledge, these World Men will assist in clarifying spiritual beliefs and elevating the consciousness of humanity.

Currently, MMWMP boys are being trained in the Vedas in South India. Eventually, they will begin traveling to Mount Soma for a few months per year. Donations go to lodging, food, clothing, and books for the students as well as wages for the teacher.

It is essential to remember that Sri Somesvara has made a commitment to support these boys. No matter what the monetary outlook is, these boys will need to be financed. Therefore, we request that you or a group of people adopt a MMWMP boy. We have several boys to subsidize right now. Your support is welcome and appreciated.

Śrī Someśvara Temple is a tax exempt, publicly supported religious organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. All donations are deductible to the fullest extent provided by law. All contributors should consult with their tax advisor regarding the final tax effect of any contribution.

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