Enlightened Community

In 2002, Michael Mamas and a small group of his devoted students purchased 448 acres of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Founded on the universal principles of nature, the Veda, Mount Soma was established to create a healthy society that would promote people’s health and evolution on all levels.

A healthy society is a community that frees people from their conditioning and indoctrination to rest into their own true divine nature. It is a place where the disturbances, imbalances, and impurities in the group mentality are purged in a natural manner. This supports the healthy growth of the individual and the community.

Vedic texts describe how to create an enlightened community, the ultimate model for a healthy society. The procedure, based on Vedic technology, involves building temples, utilizing Vastu architecture throughout the town, and evolving people’s consciousness.

A key component of an enlightened community is a Vedic temple. It utilizes Vedic technology (technology based on the principles of nature) to access the harmony, unity, and order at the base of existence (the Veda) and radiate it out. A Vedic temple has a powerful and rarified vibration that feels silent, full, and sweet, like ambrosia for the soul. Orchestrating several temples amplifies this vibration thousands of times.

Mount Soma - Enlightened Community

What is being done at Mount Soma is a marriage of sublime science with sublime art. Everything in an enlightened community must be orchestrated wisely and precisely. Only then is a beacon-light community created.

Mount Soma emanates the harmony and coherence already found in nature. Just as a small light bulb can light up an entire room, an enlightened community has the ability to light up the consciousness of humanity. This is just physics. Mount Soma will serve as an example of how to create a healthy society, an enlightened community, that brings the full spectrum of life to fulfillment.

Once Mount Soma is fully developed, this prototype will be used to put one enlightened community on each continent. This will create a matrix that boosts the harmony and coherence all over the planet.

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