Sri Somesvara Temple

Sri Somesvara is a Vedic Shiva temple at the heart of Mount Soma. This Vedic community is founded on the universal principles of nature (the Veda). As Mount Soma continues to develop into an enlightened city, its focus of personal evolution on all levels of life becomes more and more evident.

People travel great distances to experience Sri Somesvara’s powerful Linga, profound silence, and timeless vibrations.

Sri Somesvara Temple at Mount Soma


What Makes Sri Somesvara Unique?

  • Sri Somesvara is a Vedic temple: 100% Vastu, and employs Vedic technology in all ceremonies.
  • Shilpis hand-chiseled 46 tons of granite imported from India to create the deities, shrines, and entryway.
  • Sri Somesvara is located at Mount Soma, a place of spiritual pilgrimage under the care of Michael Mamas.
  • The purity of the deities, Vedic Pandit, and ceremonies are held to the highest standards.
  • The focus is inward, to help everyone fully awaken to the divinity that lies within.

What is the Value of Vedic Technology?

A Vedic temple utilizes Vedic technology to build and set up the temple as well as to carry out the day-to-day maintenance and performance of all ceremonies. To fully implement Vedic technology requires great precision. To fully implement Vedic technology involves vast resources of knowledge, skill, and funding, as well as selfless dedication and unbounded commitment. The result is a technology that affects people and life at the most foundational level, bringing them into harmony with nature. This promotes lasting health, prosperity, evolution, and fulfillment.

Vedic temples that are completely Vedic in all respects, like Sri Somesvara, have a pure and powerful vibration that is exquisite and infinite. Through the proper use of Vedic technology, the deepest qualities of life, Veda, radiate out, permeating all levels of existence. This is what many say they feel when they come to Mount Soma – a vibrancy, a peacefulness, a happiness – like paradise.

What is Sri Somesvara’s Role at Mount Soma?

Sri Somesvara is the first of several temples to be built at Mount Soma. Designed according to the Vaastu Shastras, these temples will be the foundation for an enlightened community. Together, with proper orchestration, these temples will form a network or matrix. As a result, the influence of each temple is amplified thousands of times. Just as a radio transmitter sends its message throughout the world, an enlightened community radiates a harmonious influence throughout the planet.

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